How to handle old watches

The charm of antique clocks

Antique watches have a completely different charm than those mass-produced using modern machines .
Mechanical watches have a long history and are said to have been almost perfected about 100 years ago.
The clocks are assembled one by one by the hands of craftsmen, and even now, decades to more than 100 years after they were made, they still keep time as if they were alive, giving us a sense of the romance of history. is.
In addition, many of the watches used by the aristocrats and other wealthy people of the time had extravagant and splendid decorations on their cases and dials , making them attractive as crafts .

Precautions for antique clocks

This machine was made several decades to over 100 years ago, so it is extremely delicate.
Compared to modern watches, they are inevitably inferior in terms of functionality such as waterproofness, vibration resistance, magnetic resistance, and accuracy.

Over the years, there are some watches that develop some kind of symptoms such as "poor initial movement," "large difference in posture," or "stiff crown," but we treat these as quirks of the watch rather than defects. I would like you to treat me with an open mind.

The antique clocks we sell at our store will work properly if the mainspring is wound, except for those marked as junk or in need of repair.
However, since there are many cases where the product has some kind of "quirk," we will write down the distinctive features in the product description.

Accuracy and power reserve (operating time from full mainspring) vary depending on the watch, so the values ​​obtained at the time of inspection are listed in the product description.
However, the accuracy of antique watches depends on how well the mainspring is wound, the temperature/humidity, the posture of the watch (how it is placed), and the presence or absence of objects that emit magnetism or electromagnetic waves (PCs, smartphones, earphones, speakers, etc.). The accuracy may not always be achieved.

watch warranty

Watches purchased from our store are guaranteed to work for one month from the date of delivery.
If a watch sold as a working item stops working as described in the product description within the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge.

Please check here for details.

Guaranteed watch operation


If mechanical watches are not overhauled, which involves disassembling, cleaning, and lubricating them, about once every three years, they will gradually deteriorate and become more prone to breakage.

Our watches are not overhauled at the time of purchase unless otherwise specified .
We choose this sales method because there are some customers who do the overhaul themselves, or who are not particular about accuracy and purchase the items for ornamental purposes .

If you wish, we can overhaul the watch before delivering it to you. In that case, the cost of overhaul will be estimated separately.
The average cost is around 20,000 to 30,000 yen, depending on the structure, manufacturer, and storage conditions of the watch.

Basics of handling

Our blog explains how to care for antique pocket watches.

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Additionally, when wearing a pocket watch, it is common to attach a chain called an Albert chain to prevent it from falling out of your pocket.
The Albert Chain is explained here.

[Blog article] Albert Chain

Tips to make it last longer

Please do not open the back cover unnecessarily as it may become stuck due to dust etc.
Be careful not to open the top cover and touch the needle, etc.

Please do not bring it close to things that emit magnetic fields or electromagnetic waves, such as smartphones, computers, earphones, speakers, etc.
Parts may become magnetic, causing time lag and malfunctions.

Please be careful not to drop it (it is sensitive to impact)
When going out, we recommend using an Albert chain or string to prevent it from falling out of your pocket.

Please do not get it wet at all.
Avoid using on rainy days or storing in humid places.

When winding the mainspring, please wind it until it stops winding (full mainspring).
The initial movement may be poor and it may not move or accuracy may deteriorate.

Please have it overhauled once every 3-4 years.
If you cannot find a place to request an overhaul, please contact us.


Maintenance after purchase

Even if a mechanical watch is not an antique, it is recommended that it be overhauled once every three years when used as a practical item.
In the case of antique watches, in many cases the manufacturer does not accept repairs or the manufacturer itself no longer exists, so it is difficult to request repairs or overhauls from the manufacturer .

The number of watchmakers who can repair and overhaul antique clocks is getting older and fewer and fewer.
If the watch you purchased from our store is broken or is not working properly and you would like to have it overhauled, please contact our store.

If you send your watch to our store, we will help you by passing it on to a watchmaker who may be able to repair it and get a quote for the repair.

We can also introduce you to a watch shop near your residence that can repair antique clocks (*depending on your area).



About originality
    During the long period of time since a watch was manufactured , parts such as the mainspring, windshield, hands, crown, etc. may have been replaced during maintenance.
    In particular, parts such as the mainspring and windshield are consumable items.
    In some cases, the dial or case may have been replaced .
    It is impossible to know completely what will be exchanged.
    In some cases, the product may have been replaced with a replacement product that is not original to the manufacturer .
    I have listed it in the description to the best of my knowledge.
    However, the fact that all parts are not original does not reduce the value of the watch as an antique .
      About the initial response
      Especially if the watch has just been sent to you, it may not start working properly even if you wind the mainspring tightly.

      In that case, try shaking the watch slightly or setting the time and moving it 12 hours (one revolution).

      Please understand the above and enjoy the world of antique watches.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us via the inquiry form , chat, or phone.

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