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HARP silicone treated luxury chamois 15x15cm

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*This product is not an "antique item" but a "new item".

Natural deerskin treated with silicone. It can be used for a wide range of purposes other than watches and precious metals.

It also removes stains from jewelry, glasses, watches, works of art, and all kinds of objects. After wiping, it maintains its cleaning ability for a long time. It can be washed and reused any number of times. Silicone processing (below *) is applied.

* What is silicon processing?
Kyon's leather fibers are extremely thin, so tanning it will give it a soft and powerful wiping effect. However, this makes it difficult to use because it sticks to what you are wiping off. Therefore, by adding silicon, it is possible to wipe off smoothly while adhering. In addition, since it penetrates into each fiber of the chamois leather, the effect of silicon will not be lost even if it is washed with water.

●This is a chamois leather made from the raw skin of a wild Chinese deer (about the size of a medium or small dog) and processed into chamois leather using Japan's best tanning technology.
●Because it is processed from natural materials, there are some differences in surface texture and texture, but there is no difference in the original performance of chamois leather.

Manufacturer: Harp
Size: 15x15cm
Material: Chamois

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HARP silicone treated luxury chamois 15x15cm

HARP silicone treated luxury chamois 15x15cm