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1919 British Antique Men's Buanbrella Green Sterling Silver Pommel Handle 87cm

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Introducing the British Antique Men's Umbrella.

It rains a lot in England, but the British gentleman didn't use an umbrella very often.
Such an umbrella exists as a stick that can be used on rainy days as a decorative item.

This is a men's umbrella with a small pommel handle made of sterling silver.
It is a very beautiful fabric with a color like moss green.
Although the waterproofness is weak, it can still be used sufficiently if it is for light rain or for a parasol.
It has a leather band that you can hang it on.

We hope this lovely walking stick will add some color to your day!

Appearance: ★★★☆☆ Slightly scratched and dirty Function: ★★★★☆ There is slight deterioration, but there is almost no problem

・There is wear and small scratches on the whole, but it is well maintained and is in a beautiful state.
・The sterling silver part of the handle has the sterling silver hallmark of the British Assay Appraisal Institute.
・The fabric has been beautifully restored and is in a beautiful state.
・The shaft and ferrule are solid and can be used sufficiently.
・Opening and closing is smooth.

* Please use it as a fashionable item, not for walking assistance.
* Since it is very old, there are fine scratches and dirt due to aging.
Please check the photos and make sure you understand them before purchasing.

・Manufacturer A.? (indistinct)
・Year of manufacture 1919 (London d)
handle horn (ox horn)
color sterling silver
Shaft wood (brown)
Cloth cloth (black)
total length 87cm
Handle diameter 3.5cm
Umbrella diameter about 92cm
・8 bones
・Weight about 380g

*Since it is an antique item, there is no other exactly the same item.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any questions.

Delivered to you with all my heart

We will thoroughly inspect and clean the item before shipping, so please wait approximately 2 business days for shipping.

The item will be wrapped in tissue paper or cushioning material and neatly packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

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1919 British Antique Men's Buanbrella Green Sterling Silver Pommel Handle 87cm

1919 British Antique Men's Buanbrella Green Sterling Silver Pommel Handle 87cm