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British Vintage Jewelry Sterling Silver Gilt Eternity Ring Ring

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Introducing British vintage rings.

A gold-plated (gilt) sterling silver eternity ring.
An eternity ring is a ring decorated with a stone that goes all the way around, and because it symbolizes eternity, it is often chosen as a wedding ring or wedding anniversary gift.
It is in good storage condition with no peeling of the gold plating.

We hope this wonderful jewelry will add color to your everyday!

Appearance: ★★★★☆ Good condition with no noticeable scratches or stains

・There is some wear over time, but it is in beautiful condition with no noticeable scratches.
-The gold plating remains in good condition.
・There is a "925" stamp on the inside of the ring.
-It will be delivered in the new case shown in the photo.

*Since it is an old item, there are minor scratches and dirt due to age.
Please check the photos carefully before purchasing.

・Manufacturer unknown
・Year of manufacture unknown (vintage)
・Material Ring: Sterling silver (gilt)
Stone: Glass (estimated)
・Size Inner dimension: Approx. 16mm (No. 10.5)
・Weight 3.6g

*If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us any questions.

Delivered to you with all my heart

We will thoroughly inspect and clean the item before shipping, so please wait approximately 2 business days for shipping.

The item will be wrapped in tissue paper or cushioning material and neatly packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

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British Vintage Jewelry Sterling Silver Gilt Eternity Ring Ring

British Vintage Jewelry Sterling Silver Gilt Eternity Ring Ring