Silver hallmarks from around the world

In a previous article, we covered British silver hallmarks in detail.
British silverware hallmarks (engraved)

Silver products from other countries also have a hallmark system and are stamped.

There are many cases where there are not as many detailed systems and systems as in the UK, but here are some representative ones.
*Since the purity of silver is generally expressed in units of 1000 (per mil), it is expressed as 800 (80%).


French Hallmarks have a long history, and in 1275, King Folip III of France issued an imperial order to engrave hallmarks on silver products.

There are two common purity levels: 950 (premier = first) and 800 (deuxieme = second).
Since the marks differ depending on the era, we will introduce those from 1839 to 1973.

Minerva (larger one)
France Minerva Mark

Purity 950 with the number "1" next to the forehead
Purity 800 with the number "2" on the side of the neck

Wild boars and crabs (accessories and other small items)
French boar mark

Wild boar in Paris Crab elsewhere Purity 800
It's pretty small and hard to find.

Mercury (export)
French Mercury

The purity stamped on products exported outside France is 950 if the number "1" is present, and 800 if the number "2" is present.

Male swan (imported)
france man

Engravings on products imported from countries other than France Large men are large Swan is a small item


Different cities used different markings, but around 1886 they unified the crown with a crescent moon mark.
The purity is mostly 800, but there are also 925.
In most cases, the purity is stamped with a number next to the mark.

doyle hallmark


From 1880 to 1933 there were over 875 (bears) and 800 (grouse).
Since 1933, it has been 925 (Duck) and 800 (Thunderbird).
It is often engraved on the cases of Swiss-made silver pocket watches.

swiss hallmark


Although it has been institutionalized since 1872, there are not many official stamps, and most are stamped only with numbers that indicate purity.

italian hallmark


Although not standardized, most of the 925 sterling silver ones have the "STERLING" stamp.

american hallmark


Most of the hallmarks outside the UK indicate only the purity, and the year of manufacture and manufacturer are often unknown.
You can see how the British Hallmark system is strictly operated and highly trusted.

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