How to use coupons and gift cards

"Coupon codes" are distributed through shop membership registration completion emails, email newsletters, and advertisements and banners during sales.

The usage method is the same for "gift cards" sent to you as a thank you for posting reviews.

Please refer to the link below for member benefits and email newsletter registration.

We will explain how to use coupon codes and gift cards when purchasing products at our store.

  1. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and press the "Proceed to Checkout" button on the cart screen.

  2. There is a field where you can enter a ``coupon code or gift card'' where the product you want to purchase is displayed, so enter the code there (you can copy and paste it) and press the ``Apply'' button.

  3. If the discount is displayed in the "Order Discount" or "Gift Card" section as shown in the red frame below, it is a success. Please proceed with the purchase process.

If you wish to cancel the application of a coupon or gift card, please press "☓" to the right of the applicable code under the code entry field.


  • Coupons may have certain conditions, such as items that can only be used by shop members, number of uses, expiration date, and eligible products.If these conditions do not apply, the coupon cannot be used.

  • Multiple coupons cannot be applied at the same time

  • If you are a shop member, the coupon will only be applied if the discounted price with the coupon is lower than the member discounted price.

  • Discount coupons when registering as a new member can only be applied by entering them yourself when placing an order.We cannot respond to requests to use a coupon after payment has been completed, so please make sure that you have fully paid the amount. Please confirm before proceeding with your order.
gift card
  • Can be used in conjunction with coupon codes and member discounts

  • If you have multiple gift card codes, they can be used simultaneously within the same order.

  • The email address the gift card code was sent to must be the same as the email address used when ordering.

  • You can only check the gift card code and usage status from the link in the email that sent you the gift card.Please save the email until you use the gift card.If you lose the email, we will send you another email. Please contact our store.

  • If the gift card amount is greater than the purchase amount, the remaining amount can be used on your next order.

  • The only restriction on gift cards is the expiration date (usually one year from the date of issue).
    There are no restrictions on eligible products.

  • Gift cards can be applied by entering them yourself at the time of ordering.We cannot accept requests to use a gift card after payment is complete, so please make sure you have paid the full amount. Please confirm before proceeding with your order.

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