After-sales service

All products purchased from our store are inspected before being shipped, but if a defect is found when you check the product upon arrival, we will accept returns, refunds, or repairs.

For more information, please click the link in the button below.

In addition, we provide ongoing after-sales service for products purchased at our store so that you can use them with peace of mind.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any of the following requests:

*These services are only available to customers in Japan. *Repairs and other services will incur a fee.

  • I would like to know how to use it and how to maintain it on a daily basis.

⇒ 1️⃣Information service on how to handle your purchased items

  • I want to repair a broken or damaged watch, or have it repaired or overhauled.

⇒ 2️⃣Services for repairs and overhauls of purchased products

  • I would like to buy back an item I previously purchased from our store.

⇒ 3️⃣Purchase service for purchased items

1️⃣ Information service on how to handle your purchases

  We provide information on how to use and maintain the equipment.

We publish articles on our blog about how to maintain and handle antique items.

How to care for silver products

We also accept inquiries via phone, email, LINE, etc.
If you have any questions about how to handle or maintain the products you have purchased, or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

2️⃣ Repair and overhaul services for your purchased items

 Please contact us for repairs of malfunctions or scratches, and overhauls of your watch.

For products purchased from our store, even if there is a defect when you receive the product or the watch is outside the warranty period, we will assist you in repairing the defect or carrying out maintenance (such as overhauling the watch) (for a fee).

* Click here if the product is defective upon arrival.

* Click here for " 1 month watch operation guarantee"

We can handle some minor repairs in-house, but repairs for major scratches, watch overhauls, and malfunctions will require the services of a specialist craftsman.

Please contact us first as we will proceed as follows:

  1. Request

    Please let us know when and what kind of item you purchased from our store, as well as the condition of the item and details of what you would like repaired.
    *Please attach photos or videos to make it easier to judge.

  2. Repair decision

    Based on the information you provide, we will determine the procedure for repair and contact you.

    If the problem is something you are able to repair, we will let you know how to repair or maintain it.

    If the problem is minor and can be repaired at our store, we will repair it.
    All watch overhauls and repairs should be carried out at a specialized repair shop.

    If it is difficult for us to repair the item or to make a judgment, we will ask you to send the item to us so that we can see it in person and make a judgment.
    *Shipping costs are to be borne by the customer.

    If you would like to directly request repairs or maintenance from a specialist store, we can also provide you with contact information for a repair store near you if there is one.
    In that case, please contact the company directly for details about the repair cost and contents.

  3. estimate

    If we decide to repair the product in-house or to have a specialist repair or maintenance service performed through us, we will inform you of the approximate cost and delivery date.

    Once you have agreed to the contents, we will begin repairs.
    However, in the case of antiques (especially watches), other defects are often discovered as the repair progresses, and it may be difficult to repair within the original cost and deadline.
    If this is the case, we will contact you as soon as we know and provide a new quote to confirm whether we can recommend you go ahead with the repair.

    You can cancel the order after checking the estimated cost and delivery date.
    However, in this case, depending on the repair content and the repair shop you use, you may be charged for the costs of the preliminary work required to provide an estimate.
    If there is a cost involved in creating a quote, we will contact you before providing the quote.

  4. Until repairs are completed

    If there is anything we need to inform you about during the repair or maintenance process, we will keep you updated on the progress.

    Once the repairs are complete, even if the repairs were outsourced, we will take the item back to our store and inspect it.
    If the inspection finds no problems, we will contact you with photos and videos.

    Once you have approved the results of the repairs, we will send you an invoice for the repair costs.

  5. Payment for repairs and return

    All repair and maintenance costs must be paid in advance before the goods are returned.
    Payment methods are bank transfer or cash on delivery.

    If you have any concerns or are not satisfied with the actual repair work, or if there are any problems with the product during shipping, please contact us.
    After consulting with the customer, we will consider options such as repairing the product again or providing a refund.


3️⃣ Purchase service for purchased items

We only buy items purchased at our store.

Generally, we do not offer appraisals or trade-ins at our store; however, there may be exceptional cases where we may be able to accept trade-ins for products that have been purchased at our store in the past.

However, please be aware that the market price of antiques is constantly changing, and past purchase prices include fees such as shipping and settlement fees, so the price you pay may often be lower than the price you paid.

Also, depending on the condition, we may decline to purchase the item.

Please contact us first as we will proceed as follows:

  1. Request

    First, please let us know when and what item you purchased from our store.
    Please include photos so we can more easily assess the condition.

  2. Quote and product delivery

    Based on the information you provide, we will let you know whether we can purchase your item and, if so, provide you with a rough estimate of the price.
    If you are happy with the price, please send the item to our store. *Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

    After checking the items you send us, the purchase price may change from the initial estimate depending on their condition.
    In that case, we will contact you again with a formal quote.

    If you do not agree with the purchase price, we will return the item to you.
    *Return shipping costs will be cash on delivery. *If there is a problem with the product after it has been returned, please contact us.

    Depending on the condition of the item, we may decline to purchase it at this stage.

  3. Transfer of purchase amount

    If you agree with the purchase price, we will transfer the amount to your designated local account within two business days.
    The only method of payment is bank transfer.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the button below

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