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Since encountering an antique item is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we may not have in stock the item you are looking for or that you like.
In that case, we can work with our suppliers and local partners to find items at local antique markets, auctions, etc.

If you have any of the following requests, please feel free to contact us.

  • I'd like you to look for antiques that meet my needs.

  • I want something similar to a product that is already on sale

  • I need help purchasing from overseas antique shops and eBay.

    Flow from request to transaction

    1. Request

      Please contact us using the inquiry form below with detailed information about the product you are looking for, your budget, etc. (LINE is also acceptable)

      Please fill in the following information to make it easier to find us:

      ・Desired manufacturer (brand), country, era, style, etc.
      ・Product features (design, material, size, etc.)
      - Condition of the product (including functionality for watches, writing instruments, etc.)
      ・Budget limit

      Please let us know the above conditions in as much detail as possible.
      We will try our best to make it as cheap as possible within your budget.

      If you have any information such as pages or photos of products similar to what you are looking for (including products other than ours), we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the URL or image files.

      We will review your terms and conditions and contact you to confirm.
      If there is any information missing, we will ask you questions here.
      If we determine that it is difficult to find a product that meets your requirements, we may decline your request.

      (When purchasing from overseas shops or eBay)

      ・Please contact us with the URL of the product page of the item you wish to purchase. ・If it is an auction, please contact us with your upper limit of your budget. ・If we check the product page and seller and find there is a risk of fraud or counterfeiting, or if we have doubts about the product description, we may advise you or refuse to do business with you.

    2. Research on candidate products

      We work with our suppliers and local partners to find products that meet your requirements.
      If, as we continue our search, we determine that it is difficult to find a product that meets your requirements, we will suggest changing the conditions or cancelling the search.

      Once we find a suitable product, we will contact you via email or LINE with information such as photos, product details, and approximate prices.
      If you have any questions about the content, we will check it out and answer it here.

      If the proposed candidate products do not meet your needs, we will continue to search for other products and contact you when we find the next candidate.

      If the customer wishes to purchase the proposed products, we will begin the transaction procedure.

      (When purchasing from overseas shops or eBay)

      ・If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with the seller, please contact us and we will assist you.・Our commission is 20% of the total amount of the product price and import fees (import consumption tax, customs duties, shipping costs, etc.)

    3. Order

      Once you have decided on the product you wish to purchase, we will calculate the product price, various costs involved in import procedures (import consumption tax, customs duties, shipping fees, etc.), and our store's handling fees, and then send you an invoice.
      Once we confirm your payment, we will place an order for the product with our supplier.
      *Payment for products can only be made by bank transfer.

      Please note that we may not be able to hold an item for you until payment has been received, and if you delay payment, someone else may purchase the item.

      The product will be delivered to our store once.
      It depends on the supplier, but it will take about 10 days to a month for the product to arrive here.

    4. Product inspection and shipping

      When the product arrives at our store, we will inspect it.
      We will contact you with the results of the inspection, including photos.

      If the inspection reveals defects that were not disclosed before purchasing, we will consult with the customer and negotiate with the supplier (return refund, partial refund, repair, etc.).

      If the inspection reveals no problems and you agree with the details you have communicated, we will ship the product.

    5. After delivery of the product (cancellation or return)

      We cannot accept cancellations or returns for reasons other than problems that occurred before the customer received the item from our store (loss of the item, damage during transportation, etc.).
      Before ordering or shipping your order, please carefully check the information we send you.

      If you are purchasing from overseas shops or eBay, our store policy does not apply to conditions such as warranties after delivery of the product.
      Check the seller's policies.
      We can help you confirm and contact the seller.

    Points to note when making a request

    Since antiques are unique items, there is no guarantee that something that meets your needs will be available on the market. Please be aware of the following points when making a request.

    • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a product that meets your requirements. It may take time, or we may not be able to find one in the end.

    • Even if the product is similar to one we have sold in the past, the market price fluctuates due to various factors such as exchange rates and supply and demand balance, and the price may be higher than the price of a similar product sold in the past.

    • We may decline to accept items from categories that we have not previously handled.
      *We do not handle large items such as furniture.

    • We may decline your request if you have strict budget requirements or if you have a rare item that is rarely available on the market.

    • We will not be able to handle items with a price of over 1 million yen as we cannot bear the risk.

    • In the case of backorders, we cannot accept cancellations or returns after the product order (after presenting the product details and price and requesting our store to procure the product with the customer's consent) has been placed.

    • Payment for the product will be made in advance (bank transfer only) at the time of ordering.

    • When purchasing from overseas shops or eBay, you will be charged the product price as well as various fees for import procedures (import consumption tax, customs duties, shipping, etc.) In addition, we will charge you 20% of the total amount of the product price and various fees as our handling fee.


    If you have any questions, please contact us using the button below

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