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German BECO HELI silver polishing cloth 30x24cm

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*This product is not an "antique item" but a "new item".

Private brand [HELI] developed by BECO in Germany

HELI started to develop care products that can be easily used at home.
The good quality that is unique to exclusive use and the versatility that can be used for various purposes are very attractive.
In addition, consideration for the environment unique to Germany, an environmentally advanced country, is done, such as using bio-ingredients.

Decomposes dust and oil stains on the surface to make it easier to remove
Polishing cloth containing "anionic surfactant"

It is a polishing cloth that can be polished by wiping it tightly.
After polishing, it has the effect of preventing darkening caused by oxidation!
It can be used widely not only for silver accessories, but also for spoons and forks.

* If you use it for tableware, etc. that you hold in your mouth, be sure to wash it with detergent after using this product.

If the dirt is severe, moisten the edge of the cloth a little and polish it.
The ingredients soaked into the cloth will melt and remove the dirt.
After that, if you polish it further with the dry part, it will be shiny ♪

*If the cloth becomes very dirty, replace it with a new one.
*The cloth cannot be washed because it is impregnated with ingredients for polishing.

Manufacturer: BECO
Size: 30x24cm
Material: Cotton

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German BECO HELI silver polishing cloth 30x24cm

German BECO HELI silver polishing cloth 30x24cm