A "pocket watch holder" is a display stand for a pocket watch when you are not carrying the watch around with you but rather using it on a desk indoors.

The antique pocket watch holder not only allows you to use your pocket watch like a table clock, but also enhances its presence with its beautiful design.

1. Various designs

Pocket watch holders come in a wide variety of designs and materials.
Since there is no specific manufacturer that specializes in making them, there are not many products of the same standard.
As long as there is a place to hang or place a pocket watch, there are no design restrictions and there are many different types available.

They come in a variety of shapes, including ornamental figures of dogs, people, snakes, etc. made of brass or bronze, as well as compact chair-shaped ones.
There are also sets that come with not only a pocket watch but also a case for small accessories.
The materials used are diverse, including not only metal but also glass, ceramics, and wood.

2. The appeal of antique pocket watch holders

At that time, pocket watches were not practical items for checking the time, but were accessories. Many of them were sold by jewelers (jewelry stores).
Many pocket watches themselves are beautifully decorated, making them suitable as jewelry.
For this reason, many items related to pocket watches, such as pocket watch holders and Albert chains used for wearing them, are highly decorative and beautiful.

There are still some manufacturers that make these pocket watch holders today, but most of them are practical and there are not many with designs like the antique pocket watch holders.
In the first place, very few people use pocket watches these days, so there are few being produced and not many options to choose from.

The unique aged flavor that is unique to antiques is difficult to express in newer items, so an antique pocket watch holder is a perfect fit for an antique pocket watch.

3. Other than pocket watches

Nowadays, I think there are very few people who wear pocket watches on a daily basis, unless they are pocket watch collectors.

Even if you don't use it to hold a pocket watch, some pocket watch holders simply look nice as ornaments.
Additionally, if it comes with an accessory tray or small item holder, it can also be used as a tray or case for jewelry and other accessories.

Many of them are designed to allow the pocket watch to be hung on a hook, so you can also use the hook to hang things like key chains for your house or car keys, or necklaces.


Pocket watch holders come in a variety of designs, sizes, and functions, so it can be difficult to find one that suits your taste and the pocket watch you own.
Compared to pocket watches and Albert chains, there are not many of these on the antique market, so they are a difficult item to obtain.

However, the joy of finding something that suits your taste and purpose is also great, and antique items are a once-in-a-lifetime pleasure.