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Circa 1900 British Antique Silver Plated Tea Kettle Set John Pound

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Introducing a British antique silver plated kettle set.

This is a work by "John Pound" in London, England, around 1900.
The set includes a kettle, a special stand, and an alcohol burner.
Silverware for afternoon tea that can be heated with an alcohol burner.

The kettle has a half-fluted decoration with frills on the bottom.
The antique-looking cabriolet leg stand has some traces of repair, but it has been well repaired.
The burner also has a new wick and there are no functional issues.

We hope that this "once in a lifetime opportunity" will be a special encounter for you.


Appearance: ★★★★☆ Good condition with no noticeable scratches or stains

Function: ★★★☆☆ There is some deterioration over time, but it can be used without any problems.

・There is slight wear over time, but the plating has not peeled off and is in very beautiful condition.
・The spout of the kettle is slightly deformed.
・The inside has been thoroughly cleaned and is very clean.
・There is a manufacturer's silver plate stamp on the back of the kettle.
・There is no wobbling on the hinge, and the kettle lid opens and closes smoothly.
-The stand has some marks as if a crack was repaired, but it has been repaired well and there is no wobble.
-The burner lid opens and closes smoothly and the wick has been replaced with a new one.

*Since it is an old item, there are minor scratches and dirt due to age.
Please check the photos carefully before purchasing.

・Manufacturer John Pound
・Year of manufacture: Around 1900
・Material Silver plate
・Size kettle height 210 x width 230 x depth 128 mm
Stand height 105 x width 137 x depth 122 mm
Burner diameter 63 x height 43 mm
・Weight Kettle 813g Stand 365g Burner 91g
・Capacity approximately 1200ml

*As this is an antique item, there is no other item that is exactly the same.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any questions.

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Circa 1900 British Antique Silver Plated Tea Kettle Set John Pound

Circa 1900 British Antique Silver Plated Tea Kettle Set John Pound