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1873 British Antique Silver Plated Tea/Coffee Set Elkington

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Introducing a British antique silver plated tea set.

This is a work made in 1873 by Elkington, a prestigious British silver plate manufacturer.
This 4-piece set includes a teapot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, and cream jug.
Each piece is stamped with the same number and appears to be an original set.
It has a stunning relief decoration with flower motifs of the same design.
The finial (knob) of the pot also has a cute flower design.
It is of the highest quality for a silver plated tea set, and is in good condition and in good condition.

We hope that this “once in a lifetime opportunity” will be a special encounter for you!



Appearance: ★★★★☆ Good condition with no noticeable scratches or stains

Function: ★★★★☆ There is slight deterioration, but there is almost no problem.

・There is some wear over time, but the plating has not peeled off and is in very beautiful condition.
・The inside is also thoroughly cleaned.
・Gold plating remains on the inside of the sugar bowl and milk jug.
・There is a manufacturer's silver plate stamp on the bottom of each piece.
・The hinges on the lids of both pots open and close smoothly without any wobbling.
・No wobbling etc.

*This is a very old item, so there are some minor scratches and dirt due to age.
*Please check the photo and approve before purchasing.

・Manufacturer Elkington & Co
・Year of manufacture: 1873
・Material: Silver plate (base metal: nickel alloy)

・Size: Height 195 x Width 250 x Depth 160 mm
・Weight 860g
・Capacity approximately 1200ml

(coffee pot)
・Size Height 230 x Width 240 x Depth 155 mm
・Weight 884g
・Capacity approximately 1200ml

(Sugar Bowl)
・Size Height 150 x Width 180 x Depth 135 mm
・Weight 556g

(milk jug)
・Size Height 140 x Width 124 x Depth 100 mm
・Weight 320g
・Capacity approximately 350ml

*As this is an antique item, there is no other item that is exactly the same.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any questions.

Delivered to you with all my heart

We will thoroughly inspect and clean the item before shipping, so please wait approximately 2 business days for shipping.

The item will be wrapped in tissue paper or cushioning material and neatly packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

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1873 British Antique Silver Plated Tea/Coffee Set Elkington

1873 British Antique Silver Plated Tea/Coffee Set Elkington