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1883 British antique sterling silver card case 47g George Unite

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We would like to introduce you to an antique British sterling silver card case.

This is a card case that would have been custom-made for an upper-class person at the time.
The surface decoration is so beautiful that no two pieces are alike.

This was made in 1883 by George Unite in Birmingham, England.
George Unite was a master craftsman who left behind a large number of elegant silver products featuring plant motifs.
This one also has intricate hand-carved leaf patterns.
It is large enough to fit current business cards without any problem and can hold about 15 business cards.
There is a small crack in the hinge, but it does not interfere with opening and closing the lid.

We hope that this once-in-a-lifetime encounter will be a special one!

(Explanatory video)

Appearance: ★★★☆☆ Slightly damaged and dirty

Function: ★★★★☆ Slight deterioration but no major issues

There are two small cracks near the hinges and corners, but the lid can be opened and closed without any problems.
- There is some wear and tear and small dents on the corners, but no noticeable scratches.
- It is hallmarked by the UK Assay Service to guarantee sterling silver

*As this is an old item, there are minor scratches and stains due to aging.
Please check the photos and make sure you agree before purchasing.

・Manufacturer: George Unite
Year of manufacture: 1883 (Birmingham I)
Material: Sterling silver (925/1000)
・Size: External dimensions: Height 97 x Width 68 x Thickness 6.5mm
Internal dimensions: Height 92 x Width 62 x Thickness 5mm
Weight: 47g

*This is an antique item and there is no other item exactly like it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

















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1883 British antique sterling silver card case 47g George Unite

1883 British antique sterling silver card case 47g George Unite